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The Pilot Club of Eatonton is a non-profit organization of business women serving the Eatonton/Putnam County area. We were chartered on January 14, 1978 and currently have 33 members. Our club is part of the larger Pilot International, founded in 1921 on the principles of friendship and service. It is a global organization of executive and professional leaders working together to improve the quality of life in local communities throughout the world. Pilot International has approximately 20,00 members in 600 Clubs in six countries.

In 1952 Pilot began to recruit youth volunteers through the establishment of Anchor Club, a volunteer service organization in high schools for young people. Pilot and Anchor clubs work together to improve the quality of life in their communities, sponsoring worthwhile programs that help countless individuals in need. The Pilot Club of Eatonton sponsors two Anchor Clubs, the Putnam County High School Anchor Club and Gatewood School Anchor Club.

Pilot's service focus is helping people affected by brain-related disorders and disabilities through volunteer activities, education and financial support. The Pilot International Foundation furthers the organization's humanitarian activities through the disbursement of grants and scholarships to support focus-related programs and activities

The primary fund raising activity of the Eatonton club is the annual Putnam County Dairy Festival. Although the Dairy Festival is a fund raising activity, it also provides a service to the community by bringing people together once a year for fun and fellowship. Along with the festival, many other activities occur that weekend which bring visitors and families back to the community.

Pilot Club of Eatonton
PO Box 3031
Eatonton, Ga. 31024

Pilot Club

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