Pilot Club of Eatonton


"Dairy Festival"

June 7, 2014



The Annual Putnam County Dairy Festival is sponsored by the Pilot Club of Eatonton and held around the Courthouse Square in downtown Eatonton Georgia. The festival pays tribute to the county’s dairy industry. This year's festival will be held on Saturday, June 7, 2014, on the streets surrounding the Putnam County Courthouse. A number of activities are planned for the weekend which will bring many people to the county and include a parade, barbeque, speakers and entertainment. New this will be an antique tracker exhibition. You may download additional information from our website www.pceatonton.org and you may also access links to other websites with information about Putnam County and our surrounding area.

Activities for the day include:

8:00 a.m.    Road Races -Sponsored by the Farmers and Merchants

9:00 a.m.    Booths open on and around the Courthouse Square

10:00 a.m.  Parade  Click for Parade Rules and Application

10:00 a.m.  Tractor Exhibition  Click for Application

11:00 a.m.  Platform Program - Speakers and Honoring the Dairy
                    Family of the year.

11:00 - 1:30  Barbecue
                   On the Courthouse Square under the Big Tent

12:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Free Entertainment
                                      On the
Courthouse Square - Platform Area

Evening Activities - TBA


Vendor Booth: ( Click on Booth for an Application )
Vender spaces are located on asphalt in the street area surrounding the Courthouse. Arts and Crafts and Commercial/ Informational  spaces are 14 feet x 14 feet.  Food booth spaces are slightly larger and are assigned in order of arrival. Games/rides spaces are larger and are located in areas according to the game or ride. All vendors who require electricity/water must furnish their own power/generator and their own water. All tie‑downs must be self- contained, no stakes can be driven into the street/sidewalk. The City of Eatonton will impose a fine if stakes are driven into the streets. All vendors must check in before setup. Arts/crafts/commercial vendors report at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Sumter Street. Food vendors report at the intersection of Sumter Street and Washington Ave.  Check-in will begin at 6:30 PM on Friday, June 6 Please do not report to the area prior to that time. A Pilot Club member will be available for check-in and directions to allocated space until 9:00 PM.  You are responsible for your setup and all items left in the area. Vehicles may remain in the area overnight but must be moved off the streets prior to 6:00 AM on Saturday morning. Check-in will resume  again on Saturday morning at 6:00AM.  Because of limited driving and unloading space you are requested to unload as quickly as possible. All vehicles must be  removed by 7:30 AM. You will be directed to designated parking areas. The Festival closes at 5:00 P.M.


The following is a list of items that cannot be sold at the Dairy Festival:

1. Absolutely no fireworks or Snap-pops@, or similar items.

2. No items that could be destructive to participants, vendors, and/or merchandise (examples - string in a can, disappearing ink, squirt items). 

3. For safety reasons, knives, guns or any other weapon, cannot be displayed or sold.

4. Because special Dairy Festival t-shirts will be for sale, only hand-crafted shirts will be allowed (no air-brushed or silk-screened shirts).

5. Food vendors may not sell barbeque items.

Fees are as follows:

Arts & Crafts (Handcrafted)  - $90.00  

Commercial or Informational Vendors  - $100.00

Food Vendors  -   $160.00

Games/Rides - $150.00 (must also include copy of liability insurance)

Non-Profit Display/Handouts  -   $50.00

Parade  -   $10.00

Due to limited space, not all applications can be accepted. We attempt to avoid duplication of sale items. Therefore, please complete an application and agreement  and return it along with your application fee as soon as possible. The deadline to apply is May 10, 2013. Spaces will be filled on a first‑come, first‑served basis. Please read the agreement carefully and make a copy for your records. For confirmation, please send a self‑addressed, stamped envelope along with your application to Dairy FestivalP.O. Box 3031, Eatonton, GA. 31024.

 For information contact:

For additional information contact: Charlotte Greenl at 706-473-0336, Cindy Willis 706-473-0987 or e-mail glendar@pceatonton.org.




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